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Singular Painting Difference

Well, you’ve heard that before: Quality, Honesty, Integrity, Everyone is highly trained and the list goes on and on. It seems that today, everyone but Mickey Mouse is doing quality work but yet warranty on labor and workmanship for a new construction project is ONE year, … Ooops….Something to think about. So, what is the difference? It is very simple. We at SINGULAR painting, unlike many other companies, do not depend on repaint cycle. What we depend on is your referrals and referrals of your friends. And you only get those if the job is done right and the price is right! We practice

Meticulous approach to prep work and choice of materials. Prep work is the KEY. Always, no exceptions! Another HUGE difference is written warranty on labor against possible defects and failures in workmanship. Minimum warranty is 5 years, maximum 15 years. Personally, I feel offended by one year warranty on supposedly product of a highest quality. Why such confidence? Perhaps, you can ask people whose houses were painted more than ten years ago. We can provide references. Or, if Your time allows, you can look at them yourself. Our practices: Stay small, don’t go for shortcuts, don’t be greedy, get job done right the first time, stay up to date in your area of expertise, be meticulous in your approach to prep work and choice of materials, be flexible and creative, put interests of a client first since the house is their most important investment and the most important one: HAVE PASSION FOR AND LOVE WHAT YOU DO!

Thank you very much for your time and interest in SINGULAR painting.

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