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Our Services


Exterior painting and restoration.

Our special pride is in the complete restoration of buildings.
That experienced massive paint failures due to unsound painting practices, neglect or extreme weather conditions. We provide complete (EPA certificate) lead paint and paint removal.  We can also completely prepare house for painting with a top coat to be done by a home owner or another painting contractor. We also provide all necessary carpentry services, windows restoration, reglazing or replacement. Necessary replacement of siding, trim and other parts of a house that are beyond recovery. Why restore?  Because most of the older houses use superior old growth lumber which has tighter grain, almost no knots, less prone to rot, accepts and holds paint better and with our meticulous prep will last another hundred years. Back in the beginning of 20th century and well into 1950s that lumber was widely available and was a material of choice. Unfortunately due to massive deforestation, Old growth clear cedar is not available anymore. By restoring your house original
Siding you also helping the environment with a need to cut less trees to be used for construction.

  Deck restoration and resurfacing

Complete deck resurfacing, re-sanding and resealing using the most advanced materials and techniques available. VOC free protection for up to 7 years . Rotted wood replacement and repair. Expansions and deck remodeling.

Deck beforeDeck after

  Rust inhibition and protection

Using latest approaches and technologically advanced products available.

Interior painting

Full range of interior painting services including millwork packages, doors, cabinet refinishing using the latest Airmix technology with 85% transfer efficiency(less paint used) and superior
Atomization which results in higher finish quality.  Faux finishing and multi-colors.

Special services 

Insecticide paint application to crawl spaces and inner stud walls, kitchen pantries etc. to protect from infestations by various insects. Antimicrobial surface coating to help prevent infections such as influenza, sinus infections, allergic rhinitis, pneumonia and asthma.  Also, to prevent mold, fungi and algae growth. Great for baby rooms, medical environments. Safe, novel approach to killing bacteria and viruses. Insulating coatings for attics, interior walls, helping you to save on that hefty energy bill. Latest technologically advanced coatings.

Additional services

Deck cleaning; pressure washing; concrete cleaning, staining and sealing; gutter cleaning; roof cleaning; Wallpaper removal; drywall repair and texturing; color consulting.